Víðari til høvuðsinnihald


Volumising shampoo for thin and fine hair. Cleanses gently, supplying body, strength and volume.
The hair looks fuller, softer, lighter and with increased volume.
Directions for use  •  distribute on damp hair, massage and rinse. Repeat if necessary.

97,5% ingredients of natural origin and from organic farminga
A selection of natural ingredients of vegetable origin with invigorating and moisturising action, which confer body and structure to thin hair.
tilia extract* 
—  protective action. Increases shine and softness in the hair
coconut extract*  —  plumping/ nourishing action
oat* and millet seed* extracts    —  strengthening action
*ingredient from organic farming

delicate formula
AIAB | Vegan Quality | Nickel tested
With non-aggressive, dermocompatible and environmentally-friendly ingredients of vegetal origin.
With no artificial colours
With no ingredients of animal origin

sustainable packaging
PE GREEN bottle — bio-based plastic derived from renewable resources (sugarcane)
100% recyclable

fragrance notes
A juicy fruity harmony to fill your day with happiness, making each moment special. A wonderful mix of grapefruit and peach enhances the cedar wood and sandalwood heart notes.

top •   fruity   |  heart •   floral - woody  |  base •  floral - woody



Tín Kurv

Tín kurv er í løtuni tóm.
Trýst her fyri at halda fram við at keypa.
Takk fyri boðini! Vit venda aftur skjótast gjørligt Takk fyri at tú meldaði teg til Takk! Vit boða frá tá tað verður tøkt Tú hevur longu lagt hámarkið av lutum í kurvina Bert ein lutur er eftir at leggja í kurvina Tað eru bert [num_items] lutir eftir at leggja í kurvina