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Scalp Sanitiser. Anti-bacterial. Detoxifying. Hydrating. Detoxifies and purifies the skin improving its elasticity. Stimulates cell renewal and favours suitable oxygenation in the scalp. Restores the correct balance in skin flora.
Directions for use • Apply to dry skin and massage thoroughly. Process for 3-5 minutes. Proceed to shampoo.

98% ingredients of natural origin
A selection of active ingredients aimed at detoxifying the scalp, normalising sebum secretion and stimulating the regeneration of scalp tissues.
3HC-HAIR STIMULATION COMPLEX — regenerating and energising action, helps to reduce and prevent hair loss prolonging the life cycle of hair.
essential tea tree oil   —  sebum regulating action, antibacterial, antimycotic and deodorising. Purifies, soothes and reinvigorates the scalp
nettle extract*  —  astringent and cicatrisant. Stimulates microcirculation in the scalp
clover extract  — reinvigorating and energising action on the scalp
also contains: stimulated stem cells from grape berries, bioliquefied eruca sativa, bioliquefied green walnut
*organic certified ingredient

delicate formula
with no artificial colours
with no ingredients of animal origin

sustainable packaging
100% recycled PET bottle
100% recyclable

fragrance notes
Close your eyes, and breathe in the beautiful fresh and floral wave, elevating you to the top of the world. The rose, queen of flowers, opens the dance with fresh delicate mandarin.

top •  fresh   |  heart •  floral |  base •  marine



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